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As part of our service, we offer fire safety installation and maintenance. Our fire safety solutions are optimised to understand our client’s requirements and ultimately safeguard their premises.

Our solutions are provided to clients operating in a range of industries and spanning both public and private sector organisations across the country. We work collaboratively with our clients to design and maintain systems that ensure fire safety for their customers, occupants and stakeholders.

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Did you know?
of smoke and fire alarm systems in the UK are inoperable or damaged
£6.7 Billion
worth of damages caused by fire to UK businesses last year
of UK rental accommodation is not up to the legal fire requirements
Services we provide
Fire detection and alarm systems
We fit all types of systems including conventional, addressable, analogue addressable and wireless systems. We can also include remote signalling equipment on request.
Public address voice alarm systems
We utilise PAVA systems within buildings where there is a need to provide clear concise spoken messages in the event of an emergency to safely evacuate occupants in the shortest possible time.
Aspirating smoke detection systems
An aspirating smoke detector (ASD) is a system used in active fire protection, consisting of a central detection unit and a network of pipes to detect smoke. We install these systems in premises where it is crucial to detect a fire before smouldering begins.
Fixed Gaseous Suppression
Gaseous fire suppression, also called clean agent fire suppression, is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire. This can be part of our tailored package in order to not only detect fire but deal with it safely.
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Portable fire extinguishers are one of the easiest ways to battle fires quickly and effectively. We recommend these key assets to be installed as part of any fire safety package.
Emergency Voice Communication Systems/Disabled Refuge Systems/Fire Telephones
Voice communication systems, disabled refuge and fire telephones all assist firefighters during emergencies in large sites. We recommend this as part of our package for complex or sizable premises.
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